The fields of expertise

These are the fields in which we operate:

Civil Law

In our law firm you will be able to get all legal services, including, but not limited to: proprety disputes,labor relations, marrige settlement, disagreements borns by various contracts as well compesations required as result of various automobilistic and medical accidents.

Trade Law

In our office will be offered to you quality consultancy and full legal assistance for trade issues. We perform with precisions and in the most effecient way, following any procedure at the business activity of the company, starting from the estabilishment, administration and further pursing the needs for change that may arise during operation and need reorganization. Our experts will give their advice on any aspect related to the legality of the company’s legal actions versus their emplyess and their third parties. Carrying out commercial activity requires, among other things, a profound legal knowledge of the procedures for obtaining permits and liceses. For this reason our lawyers offer provide assistance through the relevant administrative procedures.

Criminal Law

Based on the specifity of the field of criminal law, in the sense of an activity that violates human rights and fundamental freedoms, criminal law is the most delicate field of law. In our studio you will find lawyers with experience to persue with maximum professionalism your case at any stage of the process. Our assistance starts at the stage of prelimenary investigations going further on the merits of the case. An exellent connoiusser of international convetions regarding extradition and recognition of foreign criminal decisions, our lawyers are committed to assist you in all judical procedures with the foreign authorities, thanks to cooperation with law firms abroad.

Administrative Law

Each of us can find our selves in one particular moment violated by an administrative act by the state administration bodies. For this reason we offer to our clients professional legal assistance to get their constitutional rights through administrative and judical appeal.