Iccreasing professional by working to “ AC Law Group”.

The "AC LAW GROUP" feels and recognizes the importance of forming a newly gratuated students whose are searching to start the lawyer profession, considering it also with regard to the contribution that new colleagues give to the activity of the studio. Formative activity is divided into:


The period of its extension is maximum six months. The intership is intended for newly graduates or students of the last year of the faculty of law. The purpuose of the intership is to offer to the practitioner a experience that will integrate it into the profession of lawyer, recognizing of characteristics of the profession.

Legal Practice

Disciplined by law no. 55/218 ‘’ On the Advocacy Profession in the Republic of Albania”, the practice requires a mandatory twelve months obligated for a graduates of the faculty of the law in order to protect the law exam, which is necessary to obtain the title of lawyer.

Near the “AC LAW GROUP” practice is divided into semi- annual and annual periods. During these periods practitioners are assigned by specific tasks to accomplish and concrete objectives to achive.

The practitioner exercises his activity under the care of a lawyer of the studio who constantly follows and verifics the progress of his activity. Each cycle ends with the verfication of the work done and the achievement of the respective objectives. To send your curriculum , go to “Contact” and fill in the blank fields. Only selected candidates will be contacted.